All photos and art are my own.
I'm an aspiring photographer. Could you give me any advice on how to take shots like yours. How old are you. Do you sell your peices or display them at a gallery anywhere?

I think the most important thing to do when trying to take photographs that you’ll be proud of is take photos of subjects you personally find interesting. Try to take photos from different perspectives or angles and showcase the subject in interesting ways. The key is for you to be happy with the photos, it doesn’t matter if no one else likes them because the photos are of something you wanted to shoot. The photos i have posted are ones i am happy with, its a bonus if other people like them as well. Also practice is key, the more you shoot the better.

Im 18 and no i’ve never displayed or sold any of my photos, i just do it for fun! I would love to but an opportunity for me to do that has not yet arisen.

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Your photos are all so good. Even the ones that are simple are still phenomenal

Thanks dude!!